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    1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

    A variety of Elongated Grain Length, separately cooked grains - choice of royal cuisine.

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    Super Kernel Basmati Rice

    The Basmati aroma, none other variety can beat! Sharp edged grains, choice of high quality rice lovers.

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    Super Basmati Rice

    This superior grade basmati rice is a fast moving variety for its price competitiveness and great taste.

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    PK 385 Basmati Rice

    An everyday basmati rice variety seen on retail store shelves both in bulk and consumer packing.

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Rice Packaging

Alfarid Corporation makes available several rice packing options suiting its customer needs. Packaging material for rice includes high quality HDPE LDPE poly or plastic bags, paper bags with exclusive aluminum lining and transparent window to show rice and builtin handle, poly cotton non-woven bags with inner poly liner, zipper & handle, cotton bags with zip and handle, less expensive poly propylene pp bags, exclusively nitted jute bags, cardboard boxes with inner poly bag, PET plastic jars and more.

The master packing in case of poly bags and paper bags is 7 ply cartons well color printed. In case of cotton and non-woven bags the master packing is usually pp bag.

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