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    1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice

    A variety of Elongated Grain Length, separately cooked grains - choice of royal cuisine.

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    Super Kernel Basmati Rice

    The Basmati aroma, none other variety can beat! Sharp edged grains, choice of high quality rice lovers.

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    Super Basmati Rice

    This superior grade basmati rice is a fast moving variety for its price competitiveness and great taste.

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    PK 385 Basmati Rice

    An everyday basmati rice variety seen on retail store shelves both in bulk and consumer packing.

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IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice

IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice is the non-basmati variety that is favored for its price competitiveness. Many people prefer the muggy touch this rice has to offer.
Much of Pakistan's export of IRRI-9 rice goes to the Middle East.

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